Revolutionizing Enterprises with Smart Data Solutions

Creating Solutions as Your Digital Transformation Partner

We fill a unique need for turbocharging your digital transformation. Not only are we solution experts; we're also co-creators in your transformation.

ShyftLabs is not just a software company; we're your partners in propelling digital transformation at unprecedented speed. As experts, we specialize in crafting end-to-end solutions through our collaborative approach. With a deep-rooted understanding of the retail vertical, we seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem to accelerate value creation.

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Helping Companies Become Intelligent Enterprises Faster

Fusing tech, product, and retail acumen for end-to-end data excellence.

Tailored Solutions: No two businesses are the same. We create custom solutions for your brand, audience, and customer needs, driving end-to-end digital transformation with our full-stack engagements.

Data-Driven Empowerment: We build robust infrastructures, fueling advertising, analytics, and retail evolution. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as our foundation, we empower data-driven decisions.

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We Specialize in Crafting Holistic Solutions Throughout the Entire Retail Value Chain

We unravel insights from data to drive informed decisions.
We employ tech to fine-tune pricing strategies for success.
Data Infrastructure
We architect robust tech foundations for seamless data flow.
We engineer data-driven ad strategies for maximum impact.
We apply tech prowess to elevate inventory strategies.           
Loyalty & Rewards
We maximize customer loyalty through strategic reward innovations


Tech-Fueled Excellence

Experience our agile prowess in solution crafting, scaling your digital venture for lasting success.
Unveil core business challenges through exhaustive research and analysis, pinpointing lucrative opportunities. Analyze the current ecosystem – business processes, architecture, software, and platforms – to craft a clear starting point.
Brainstorm and fuel creativity to conquer challenges. Innovate impactful solutions, crafting low-fidelity prototypes aligned with exact requirements. Harness market insights to evaluate opportunities and sharpen the course of action.
Iterate through development cycles, deliver functional MVPs, initiate experiments for metric validation. Convert concepts into concrete tangible solutions with well-defined requirements. Craft detailed design mock-ups, construct prototypes, and plan the technical architecture.
Support and Scale
Go live with a robust support framework. Tackle emerging issues, release updates, and ensure user satisfaction. Monitor and fine-tune the continuous evolution of your product roadmap.


Service Offerings That Span to Fit Your Business Needs

MDM & Single View
of the Customer

A US retailer sought to enhance data integrity and centralize customer data. Data was scattered across departments, requiring cleansing, identity resolution, and integration of in-store and online behavior data with the MDM.
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Pricing Optimization

Our client, a prominent US retailer, faced pricing challenges that required immediate attention. They sought a solution to optimize their pricing strategies in real-time to achieve the perfect balance between sales and margin.
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Centralized Campaign Management

The client needed a centralized hub for campaign management across various platforms. They sought streamlined campaign creation, data collection, and measurement.
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Vendor Portal

Our client, a major US omni-retailer, sought a solution to enhance their relationship with vendors and provide real-time performance feedback in a transparent manner. They aimed to offer this service for a fee.
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