Centralized Campaign Management

The client needed a centralized hub for campaign management across various platforms. They sought streamlined campaign creation, data collection, and measurement.


Platforms consolidated


Hours Saved every Month


Resulting ROI


ShyftLabs introduced a cutting-edge Campaign Management Platform, redefining the way our client handled cross-platform campaigns. This innovative platform revolutionized the aggregation of campaign data, previously scattered across over eight different platforms, by centralizing everything into a single, dynamic hub. It not only facilitated the effortless creation, modification, and removal of campaigns but also allowed for seamless sharing across the entire organization with a single click.

Campaign Creation & Management

Streamlined campaign creation, management, and budget tracking.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Reliable data collection with real-time availability and zero maintenance.

Data Destination

Data sent to any destination, enhancing accessibility and integration.

Measurement & Analytics

Unified data source for improved reporting and data accuracy.


Consolidating the view of campaigns across platforms ensured better visibility, eliminated duplicate campaign creation and improved budget planning and spend. Additionally, efficient campaign management provided reduced data collection efforts, and improved analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

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