MDM & Single View of the Customer

A US retailer sought to enhance data integrity and centralize customer data. Data was scattered across departments, requiring cleansing, identity resolution, and integration of in-store and online behavior data with the MDM.


Reduction in customer supplication


Monthly MDN hours saved


CSAT Scores


ShyftLabs pioneered a customer MDM solution seamlessly embedded within the client's existing infrastructure. This solution empowered the business to centralize and refine customer data, ensuring data integrity and a holistic view of customer interactions. It also led to remarkable results, including a 35% reduction in customer complaints, saving 1000 monthly hours spent on bug fixing and maintenance, and elevating customer satisfaction scores by 15%.

Discovery Process

Extensive exploration across 15+ departments to understand the data state.

Product Roadmap

Development of a roadmap for a seamless transition without system downtime.

Prioritizing Segments

Two-phase approach, focusing on critical customer journeys while cleaning up 100M+ records.

New Technical Infrastructure

Recommended an efficient infrastructure layout to reduce maintenance efforts.


The project improved data integrity, streamlined processes, and established a reliable data management system without disrupting operations.

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