Vendor Portal

Our client, a major US omni-retailer, sought a solution to enhance their relationship with vendors and provide real-time performance feedback in a transparent manner. They aimed to offer this service for a fee. However, cost considerations and development time were significant challenges.


Time to Market


Cost to Develop


Revenue in the first 90 days


ShyftLabs designed and implemented a comprehensive vendor performance portal, delivering end-to-end support for the retailer's transparency and vendor communication efforts. This solution allowed real-time performance feedback to be provided to vendors for a fee, creating a valuable revenue stream.

Cost-Effective Development

Achieved a final development cost considerably lower than the initially planned internal capital allocation. Reduced development costs by an impressive 40%.

Rapid Development & Launch

Developed and launched the portal in half the time originally scoped by internal teams, reducing time to market by 50%.

Recurring Revenue Generation

Partnered with the client for vendor pitches, successfully signing over $4.5 million in recurring revenue through the portal.

Leveraging Existing Technology

Fully leveraged the client's existing technology and analytics stack, ensuring seamless integration with their Single Sign-On (SSO) system.


The Vendor Portal's successful implementation led to substantial cost savings, generating significant recurring revenue for the client. ShyftLabs' efficient development process reduced time to market, providing a competitive edge. The portal not only enhanced vendor relationships but also streamlined the retailer's internal processes, showcasing the power of data-driven innovation in supporting transparency and vendor performance evaluation.

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